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The inner worlds are a great difficulty and the source of many errors.

If you did a psychological exercise where you imagine a pillar of violet light, or a wise old man, then it is clear that this is internal to you - the violet light is imagined, the old man may represent a not-yet integrated part of yourself, where wisdom and experience are stored. The idea of the exercise would be eventually to integrate these into your normal daily consciousness and have that wisdom all the time.
This is a safe and rational procedure, and at the core of the New Age are a number of strong and simple techniques like this, which take full recognition that everything is really 'self-internal', although there are also external consensus realities.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not doing things this way. They are finding their internal wise old man, thinking that his name is Melchisedek (or whatever) and pronouncing messages from him for the rest of the world, rather than integrating him into themselves.
There may also be an unseen 'spiritual' plane, and there may be real beings there. However, because they are 'unseen',does not mean they are 'special'. and doesn't mean they have something worth saying or propagating.. The difficulty is the same as meeting someone in real life, and they are said to be a Master. How can you know for yourself that they really are a master ? What faculty will you use to recognise them ? I have made pages of MASTERS and ANGELS, and there is a special page in the FORUM to welcome any new ones who send us messages

I can understand that people feel any or all of the following :-

  • they feel they need protection
  • they feel they need guidance
  • they feel like they need more energy

To me, it is OK for someone to have an 'invisible friend', or to use imaginary (or real) angels or guides. It is generally safe to assume that the person has created these themselves, perhaps without knowing it. But to propose this as a real thing, and try to get followers, or even worse, offer it for sale ……. it seems foolish - Maybe a type of weakness led the person to create the being in the first place, but then are they trying to make a virtue out of the initial weakness ? (or is it something else).

I will always remember someone in a group I led (I forgot his name though) who chanelled all sorts. It got him lots of attention, but, it diminshed him - the beings clearly knew much less than he did himself !

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