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Angels are traditional in the bible and catholic church. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are the only angels mentioned by name in the bible. There are 9 choirs of angels in Revelation - Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels.

The New Age interest in angels developed from the work of Dorothy Maclean, whose book "To hear the Angels sing" was very popular, especially as an element of the work of co-creation with nature, and the realisation that gardening could be improved with the help of 'nature spirits'. People also began to refer to the "Angel of Findhorn"

But things have 'developed' since then ….

Angels Online seems quite nice - it is for people to post their own experiences of angels

"Our course, Guided By Angels, was developed with the help and guidance of the angels over a number of years. We are pleased to offer the course to everyone who is interested with 30 days FREE TRIAL of the first session."

Angelines endeavour to sell angel, cherub and fairy style gift, stationary and home furnishing products'. We aim to sell good quality products which reflect the neo-gothic period style. Charming, elegant, fun and funky. Distinctive pieces that emanate the Victorian period, when homes and gardens were furnished with ornate elaborate furnishings which involved the display of angel, cherub and fairy style ware.

Pet's have the "Guardian Angels of America"

There is a section of the forum for you to post details and selected quotes from the more extreme sites that you find. At some future time, I will try to classify them all, if I can stand it.
I don't mind people wanting to feel protected and comforted, or to have good imaginations, but there is a point where it all becomes a game or a business.

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