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It is difficult to write about the new age, there are many dilemmas.

It is a self-defining movement - no-one outside the movement would describe it in positive terms. It covers the widest range of ideas possible, and includes a wide range of people too. It is a spiritual supermarket, and every product from every culture around the world can be found on its shelves.

The difficulty arises from the great New Age dilemma - the movement is deliberately inclusive of everyone who wants to self-define that they are included in it, and also inclusive of almost any ideas that anyone wants to include. Conversely, "the critical mind" and criticism are excluded, and direct criticism of other people is generally disallowed. They would say "After all, who is really in a position to KNOW the truth and criticise someone else - it's safer not to do it !"

The way out of this dilemma is generally to be nice to people and to be positive at all times.

If you don't do this, of course, you run the risk of very negative responses.

What I am doing on this site, of course, cuts across the grain of this:-
I was in the New Age, but then I moved on
I think some of the roots of the New Age are fine - I am still touched by it
however, much of what has gathered under the name New Age is nonsense - Victorian spiritualism dressed up in new clothes, and I am not willing to be inclusive of this any more
I am also treating the New Age as a historical research, and taking an academic approach to it where I can
I am trying to extract the good stuff from it, for future reference (such as the 'knowing what we know now, we should ..... ' section of the forum)

I am sorry if you don't like what I am doing, and if you think I am not being inclusive enough. However, I think there is a lot to learn from all this - if you don't want to learn, don't worry, be happy ! Similarly, I might write (or discover) some parodies - there is a very funny side to all this (again, don't worry if you don't like it !).

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