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The New Age is such a big field, with so many links to other discourses - esoterics, mysticism, psychology, personal growth, etc.

However, there is still a distinct New Age discourse, perhaps typified by the Findhorn quotes that I chose (here). There was a new set of principles and techniques at the heart of this - the holistic idea, attunement, co-creation, and lots of others.

As time went on, this became entangled with the other discourses, as above - esoterics, mysticism, psychology, personal growth. These had valuable contributions, perspectives and techniques to offer the New Age, and the fields themselves have been changed by their contact with the New Age - they are unrecognisable now from how they were in the 80's after they have responded to the New Age discourse.

However, other new discourses have developed too in the last 20 years-
healing, (which played a very subsidiary role originally)
prosperity consciousness
Course in Miracles, Sai Baba, and many other 'schools'
commercialism, of course

All of these were there in the original New Age in very peripheral forms, but have now developed into full-blown (or do I mean fly-blown) discourses. My opinion is that these are all distractions from the areas where it is really useful to put attention, and most of the people involved in these areas are misled or deluded (or over-specialised). Each of these areas has one or two pieces of the (100 piece) jigsaw, but little more than that. The people caught up in these peripheral discourses often have a very distorted view.

The periphery seems to have taken over from the centre !

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