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What is this site all about ?? What am I trying to do ?? - What happened to the New Age ?

I was deeply involved in the New Age 20 years ago, but now, it's time for me to review what happened, and investigate it again, but more deeply, and ask some of the questions that perhaps I should have asked back then.

The New Age is so complex that I've written two introductions -
The first is based on my experiences of living and working in the New Age, and to some extent on my disappointment with it (because the state of the world now seems further than ever away from a New Age of peace, prosperity and co-operation).
The second is based on questioning the "discourse" of the New Age, the implications of what the New Age says about itself. Is there really a new age ? How does it fit with other similar movements ? Is it over already ?

I want to set the scene by exploring what really happened - the history and roots of the New Age, though I can only scratch the surface of this. There were some core values that were particular to the New Age - I'd like to know what happened to those, as they seem to have got lost under mountains of nonsense, and I also want to have some fun with some of the unbelievable stuff out there on the internet.

In particular, it seems to me that there have been two very unusual movements recently - the New Age and PostModernism. They have both been extremely influential, but some interesting points can be made, and I have made a start on this HERE (and then there is the green movement too). It is strange that both of these (especially the New Age) are self-contained movements and rather insulated from 'the real world' - you must be inside or outside. Insiders live entirely inside it, and outsiders are totally outside.

I want to use this site as a sort of bridge :-
in New Age terms, I want to get more centred and integrate my experiences
in PostModern terms, I want to engage with the different discourses
and I want to investigate the Sustainability - of the movements themselves

Oh yes, there is the question of money - we can look at that in the forum !!

This site is produced and maintained by George McNamara - you can contact me at george@postnewage.com