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I decided to write about the New Age, and it's big, complex, and strange - there is never anything to get hold of, it slips away.

However, some 'discourse' approaches are helpful to get to grips with it :-

  1. There has been a major change in the world - the old post-war settlement between Government, Companies and Trade Unions has broken down, replaced by contracts, out-sourcing and a proliferation of agencies. This idea is academically very respectable, one of the most interesting authors on this area is Bob Jessop, and this article on globalisation is typical of his work. From this, we can see that the New Age may be only one of several representations of change in the world.
  2. One of the other major representations of change has been Post Modernism. This is of equal size, complexity and strangeness to the New Age, but there has had surprisingly little cross fertilisation between the two. I have tried to summarize my view of the basics of both of these HERE, and I have written about the history of the New Age HERE. In particular, the works of Foucault are worth studying, and I have tried to summarise these HERE on my Whatever Will Be site.
  3. Finally, I have tried to summarise its history - whatever happened to the New Age ? There are many ways of thinking about this
    Did it reach a high point and diminish ?
    Did it get so entangled that it can't move ?
    Did it get taken over by the oddballs ?
    Did it sell its soul for an easy life ?
    Did it change society for the better and finish it's task ?
    I try to deal with these and other questions in these pages, and in the forum where you can join in, including, "knowing what we know now, how would we design the next new age ?"

I was involved in the New Age for a long time - I'm still touched by it. But …. does it have anything for me now, apart from some fun with the excesses and loonies ?

Is it really over now ? It may be too early for a post mortem, but, there is much that can be learned .... and, of course, there is much to parody and have fun with ........

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