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  I used to love the new age …… It was happening, vibrant, and everything was possible. I include some quotes here on a tribute page to give an idea of how inspiring and achievable it was (is).

So, what happened ?
maybe I've become older and grumpy
maybe this was the shortest new age ever
maybe something went wrong in it's development
maybe it's done its work and is now over
maybe the crystal crazies, channels and commercialisers have taken it over

I thought I'd build this site and create this forum:-

  • perhaps there are still good new things that are happening now
  • to review "what happened to the new age?"
  • to note that a number of other movements (postmodern, Greens, etc.) have also been and gone, and to wonder at the overlaps and links between them.
  • to record some of the outstanding personalities (!!)

And, to have some 'innocent fun':-
to 'welcome' any new angels and Masters that are discovered by our channelling friends, and to record their characteristics (and criticise them)
to build the WUNAGPO association for world servers in the New Age and allied industries, who often have to work under deplorable conditions
to write some parodies of what happened, or, where parody is unnecessary, to collect links to the funny stuff that has been written.

In personal terms …….. I want to use this site :-
in New Age terms, I want to get more centred and integrate my experiences
in PostModern terms, I want to engage with the different discourses
and in Green terms I want to investigate the sustainability - of the movements themselves

This site is produced and maintained by George McNamara - you can contact me at george@postnewage.com