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  I wanted to do a page comparing different styles of logos, but strangely, the logo has suddenly disappeared from the internet, being replaced by all sorts of design concepts and some banner-type things. For example, the Lucis Trust has dropped their historic logo and replaced it with something else. If you find good new logos for me, please post details on the message board, and I will 'collect them' on this page.

Swallowing my disappointment, I've collected some sites for you to look at from a DESIGN point of view - what they are saying with the colours they use and the way they present themselves ? You don't need to read any of them, just surf them, but some of the content is quite interesting too !!

Postmodern Links
Brian Mung cartoons and animations
Church of Virus odd ironic and interesting
Adbusters ramble
Sister Rosetta is interesting
Terence McKenna - look at that design
Institute of Official Cheer

New Age Links
Galerie Sublimatio (odd art for sale)
Lightworker …… how do they keep it up and fill so much space ? featuring "the Group"
Iasos in fact I really like this guy - nice visuals experiments
Crimson Circle, "classroom of the new spiritual energy" featuring "Tobias"
Institute of Druidic Technology
Solara …… daily 'surf reports' - strangely interesting
Findhorn Press - nice shades of violet
Merkaba is the sort of magical thing that seems to goes astray
Damanhur - underground temple complex in N Italy

Conventional Spiritual Links
Gangaji looks very nice
Megalithics standing stone photos
The daily online prayer/meditation from the Irish Jesuits
Sri Aurobindo Society
Anthroposophy in the UK - good page for Steiner logo collection

Green Links
Global Commons Institute

Please send more. I also have a directory of links on my Whatever Will Be Site
(by the way, my design on these pages is meant to be a parody - oh well ...... )
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