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I like the idea of masters - of some post-graduate human beings who are guiding the evolution of humanity and of the planet. I've met enough people with special abilities to see that something is possible.

However, for me the great question about the masters is "If I passed a Master in the street, how would I know he/she was a Master ?". By what faculty could I do this for myself, without the person telling me themselves that they were a Master (which would make me suspicious) , or without one of their followers proclaiming it (how could I check it ?)

The main masters derived from theosophical writings are :-
Morya, Djwal Khul, Hilarion, Koot Hoomi, Saint Germain, Serapis

But then we have the following ….. additions ….. expansions (I mean, these old masters who've been around for thousands of years, how can they manage in the modern age with computers and mobile phones and everything). Since no-one knows, you can say what you want about the masters, and people do ! There are now the Ascended Masters ....

Summit Lighthouse - "Welcome to the official source for teachings of the ascended masters from world-renowned authors, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet and their students. The Summit Lighthouse invites you to explore this site for teachings about karma and reincarnation, soul mates and twin flames, the violet spiritual light, the origins of evil and much more."

Crystal Links has quite a good collection of prophets and prophesies, there is a section about conspiracies and mystery schools, and there is a list of masters with suitable histories and links. This is done in a very balanced way

The difficulty is that there now seem to be hundredss of people who 'channel' from entities - masters, angels, beings from other solar systems, and so on. It seems like a disease spreading around the earth (thought they all think it is a great privilege). We can now create a database of these odd entities - where are they from, how they communicate (ancient, modern, biblical), are they positive or negative, do they say what people want to hear.
Then the channels - are they in trance, do they do weekly performances, and so on. Please post new links and quotes on the forum, then we can all review their work.

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