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While creating this site, I went back to look at some old books, and I found some interesting passages. I like these, they are more 'human' than some of the more inspirational writers:-

  • We also provide a vision of perfection - we see each individual as a potentially perfect human being, living in a joyous state of being, within a beautiful uplifted world. (p.6, editorial, Gordon Davidson)
  • The last two thousand years have been a preparation for the age in which we are moving and to a large extent we have learned the lessons and disciplines of the lower nature. The new images of initiation, in order to serve the evolutionary process, need to stimulate the vision and courage necessary to accept the fullness of the divine nature (p. 21, Francois Duquesne)
  • Our basic aspiration is nothing less than to build a heaven on Earth so that we may demonstrate to a sceptical world that it can be done (p. 29, Roger Doudna)

These quotes strike the keynotes of potential, evolution, heaven on earth which typify the New Age. Other quotes could have been chosen, but these are interesting for a number of reasons. They are taken from Onearth 4, the twice yearly magazine of the Findhorn Foundation, from Autumn 1977 (I might scan and copy this onto the internet, if there is interest). The authors are well known, but not 'world figures'.

26 years on, however, it is interesting to look back at this .... (Feb. 2004)

  • They are very certain of themselves - there are no doubts
  • They are typical of what Findhorn thought of itself at the time (and Findhorn is/was seen as the cornerstone of the New Age)
  • It is still touching and inspiring to read what they wrote then
  • Post 9/11 and Iraq war, we seem further away from these ideals than before
  • With hindsight, the time at which they wrote was the 'highpoint' for Findhorn - the actions being taken then had led to massive debts by 1981

My touched page will collect some more key quotes, mapping will try to look at 'the big picture', history will question what happened, and the forum welcomes input

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