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surely the following are parodies, aren't they ?

Wisdom of the West, Pathways to Self-Realization By Chavah Aima
Silver Moon Sanctuary Press, 2000.
Written by the founder and director of the Sanctuary of Enlightened Life, this book is a complete overview of the core practices that lead to divine union. Illustrations by Remco Bakker enhance the descriptions given for traditional western techniques such as the Middle Pillar and Circulation of the Body of Light. Topics range from Esoteric Psychology and Healing to Ceremonial Ritual and Initiation into the Brotherhood of Light. Here is a highly practical technical manual, filled with inspiration and encouragement, for the modern day mystic. from http://www.enlightenedlife.org/hr_reading.html
GADZOOKS! Extraterrestrial Guide to Love, Wisdom, and Happiness by Z-MAN.
Z-MAN hears voices in his head. Benevolent extraterrestrials wish to communicate with humanity. They succeed in transmitting a series of poems.
  Hello, dear friends, we're "out-a-sight"
And come from far away.
As messengers of God's great light
We have a lot to say.
Gadzooks! Extraterrestrial Guide to Love, Wisdom and Happiness is both playful and profound. It contains nuggets of wisdom that transcend cultural and religious barriers.
  When you make a big mistake
And want to keep your pride
Do the right thing for God's sake:
Let fair play be your guide.
This remarkable book also teaches universal principles, including unconditional love, dignity, respect, self-esteem, a positive attitude, responsibility, and how to discover one's greater purpose in life.http://thinktwice.com/inspire.htm
The Group for Spiritual Growth and Development A project of L.O.V.E., Inc.

The Love Center, a non-profit organization, has been teaching psychic development, metaphysics, healing and spiritual advancement for over 20 years. We share our experiences and insights in a community of love, wisdom and oneness to help each other develop and express a deeper understanding of the spiritual world.
Our group has gathered to direct our energies towards spiritual evolution. We have a wide degree of interests and abilities and we focus on the similarities between ideologies. We are firmly committed to the principles of Love and Wisdom and the Group allows us to more fully express ourselves as we develop a deeper understanding of, and response to, ALL THAT IS. http://lovecenter.bravehost.com/


Well, to tell the truth, they are all real quotes, and it only took about 15 minutes to collect them. But, they easily COULD have been parodies ! Please send more to the forum
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