po$t New Age
An Introduction to Postmodernism
[experience] + [discourse]
the fun part
the serious part

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  Postmodernism is just about a big, complex and strange as the New Age.

I will just (for the moment) make a table of differences

PostModern New Age
Ironic Serious
Rejects grand narratives Is a grand narrative
self-deprecating self-seeking
grotesque and striking typography violet and crimson typography
discourse-oriented feeling and sensing oriented
self-consciousness group consciousness

I have written more about postmodernism HERE, and I think the works of Foucault are especially valuable (though difficult) and I have written about them HERE on my Whatever Will Be site with my general writings

It could be said that the New Age and Postmodernism have different postures (or poises). It is interesting that they are so similar and so different (and so negative about each other !)

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