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On the history page, I have tried to write about how the New Age started and developed, and I've tried to do some mapping of how it relates (or not) to some other movements.

But, the questions still remain - What happened to the New Age ?

  • Is it still there, as bright and strong as ever ? (the answer has to be NO)
  • Is the New Age movement static or shrinking ? (answer = probably)
  • Did it complete it's work and die ? (answer = maybe)
  • Did it get corrupted/commercialised/trivialised/diluted ? (answer = maybe)
  • Has there been a convergence with 'the real world' so that the New Age has entered into 'normal life' ? (answer = perhaps - there is some evidence for this)
  • Has all the information and energy been given out now ? (answer = maybe)

So then - Where is the New Age going now ?

  • Compared to the inspiring early work that I quoted, where is the 'new stuff' ?
  • Is it now mostly a book and workshop marketing product ?
  • Everyone has to earn a living now, right, and it's OK to make a living off the New Age?
  • The New Age needs to ....... combine with postmodernism / do tantra / meditate every day / follow a diet / buy angel wings ....... please add you contributions in the forum ....

I find little to interest me now, but I am still touched by the original impulses.

In the forum, we can help design the NEXT new age - communities, groups, leadership, management. If you want to contribute in a longer format, I am happy to build more (free) webpages, and gather the good stuff that appears on the forum into articles and position papers.

This site is produced and maintained by George McNamara - you can contact me at george@postnewage.com