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  If you are a REAL world server, you can join this WUNAPGO Union and post on the forum. You can:
  • Complain about the difficult people and conditions you have to deal with
  • Boast about your great achievements
  • Regret the service opportunities you missed
  • Explain how what you are doing is part of the Divine Plan
  • Demonstrate how other people's projects are not up to standard
  • Receive the respect and acknowledgement you deserve
  • Differentiate between real world service and self-expression

Really, there should be a £30 annual fee for membership, but since you have worked so hard in such difficult circumstances, I will let you off this year as a gesture of support for your efforts.

Donations to the Union would be very welcome !! - we have a secretariat to support, and there are many International Conferences where our presence is needed to spread love, light and caring to the needy. With your support, we will be able to attend much more of these, especially those further afield (where it is warmer)

Volunteers are needed for the Committees of the Union - please offer your help.

This site is produced and maintained by George McNamara - you can contact me at george@postnewage.com